Manitoba’s Trusted Hydrojet Cleaning Services Provider

Are you facing standard or emergency drain issues? Need your drains and pipes to be as good as new? Aquajet Canada Inc is equipped with powerful equipment to provide hydro jetting services in Manitoba. Our skilled crew scrub sewer pipes and drains using high-pressure water and restore the drains to their peak performance. You can rest assured, as the process is extremely efficient for your pipes and completely safe for your drains. Let us inspect your drain and plumbing system and tackle the problems right away to eliminate costly repairs in the future.

Why Use Our Hydro Jetting Service?

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, Aquajet Canada Inc employs state-of-the-art hydro jetters to facilitate unclogging of drains and pipes. Apart from solid debris removal, our hydro jet cleaning service also takes care of settled oil and grease removal. As each broken or clogged drain can turn out to be different, our team is here to evaluate your distinct requirements and discover the right solution for your problem.

Restore Optimal Drainage

Locate and evaluate areas that require drain hydro-jetting.

Request CCTV Inspection
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