Manitoba’s Preferred Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing Professionals

If you have a power washing project that requires a deeper clean with no oil residue or blocked pipes, the safe melting of snow and ice is necessary. The team at Aquajet Canada Inc can get on it right away. We have steamers and pressure wash equipment to clean and purge tanks, remove stubborn stuck-on dirt and fix frozen pipes. As heating pipes is a dangerous job, the experts at Aquajet Canada Inc choose to perform steaming for a safe and hassle-free process. We complete steaming and pressure wash projects precisely, quickly and safely in Manitoba. Reach out to us to ensure favourable results for your project or to ask any queries or concerns you may have.

Steaming Off Those Clogs Right Away

Choose Aquajet Canada Inc for steam cleaning and pressure washing in Manitoba, and get:


  • Faster and effective cleaning

  • Safe and economical service

  • Trained experts and reliable equipment

  • Complicated and delicate jobs done right

Excavation and Backfilling

If you need assistance with site preparation and backfilling, we can help!

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