Vacuum Truck for Location Cleaning and Sewage Transportation in Manitoba

Vac or vacuum services make it easy for on-site clean-ups when liquid and sludge debris have to be removed and transported away. Our trucks can collect the sludge and liquid waste easily from your location using a pneumatic suction pump, and place it onto the mounted tank - from where we can easily transport it off-site. Be it a sewage treatment plant or a construction site riddled with bodies of water, our Vac service ensures complete removal and transportation of offending materials such as sludge, human and animal waste, industrial liquids, and much more.

High-Pressure Pumping

Our service trucks handle high-pressure pumping. Using them, we pneumatically desludge the site of liquid waste, sewage waste and other manufactured or naturally occurring materials, leaving the place clean and tidy. Our team makes sure that the waste is transported far away for your complete peace of mind. Industrial grade suction hoses also ensure no dripping and the sludge and liquid waste is safely and securely transported within the tank. Call us today to inspect your location for quick and easy desludging and liquid waste removal.

Liquid Waste Removal

Get effective liquid waste removal in your area. Call us for our Vac service today.

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