Reliable Excavation & Backfilling Services in Manitoba

Aquajet Canada Inc is pleased to offer site preparation, excavation, and backfilling in Manitoba. The highly-trained team takes care of digging, grading, tunnelling and trenching in order to prepare sites for further procedures. We work with residential and commercial clients alike throughout Manitoba. 

Our objective is to reduce the stress of the site excavation process by employing the expertise of our accredited crew and the right machinery to ensure safe and efficient construction operations. Contact us to hire us for a project or find out about our convenient water hauling services for your project.

Solid & Stable Structure

From new construction to excavation and emergency services, the team at Aquajet Canada Inc has an unrelenting commitment to quality work and excellent service. Some of the benefits we provide include:


  • Authorized crew

  • Latest equipment

  • Minimal disruption

  • Comprehensive service

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Attention to detail

Safe Site Alterations

Whatever the depth of excavation, Aquajet Canada Inc can conduct safe site alterations.

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