Efficient Hydro Excavation Services in Manitoba

Hydrovac utilizes streams of high-pressure water to get rid of dirt from the sensitive areas of the ground. This is a popular, environmentally friendly and faster technique people opt for these days. Throughout Manitoba, many companies use hydrovac services to their advantage, including utility providers, telecommunication, construction, and more. Do you have an excavation project that requires efficient hydrovac services in Manitoba? At Aquajet Canada Inc, we have a wide variety of hydrovac configurations that can complete all jobs from excavation to cleaning. Whether it's a gas leak, pole fire, or water-line break, Aquajet Canada Inc will have a truck on your site promptly to help reduce the damages.

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Some of Our Hydrovac Services

Our hydrovac services can be employed in:


  • Slot trenching

  • Debris removal

  • Potholing

  • Excavation in tight spaces

  • Cold weather excavation

  • Pole setting

Facing Drainage Issues?

Hydro jetting can be the right solution for you!

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